Birth Sessions 

Birth photography is documentary photography. It tells the story of the hours surrounding your baby's arrival, one of the most important days of your life. Birth photography is similar to a wedding in that it happens over many hours and it takes many images to tell the story. It is very different for every baby, they set their own schedule so we usually do know the day or time you will need me. I could be with you 5 hours or 15 hours depending  on the length of your labor , and you mind need me at 1am or 1 pm, I WILL BE READY!!!!!






Educational Information


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Birth Sessions Include:

*In person consultation at a local coffee shop so that we may get to know each other , answer your questions , well sign the contract and add you to the calendar with a $250 non refundable hold the date fee. I encourage your partner to join us for this consultation since Ill be spending a very personal long day with you both. 

* I will be on call for two weeks surrounding your due date to come to the hosital , day or night. 

*Photography Coverage from active labor( approx. 7cm dilated) through up to two hours postpartum. This could mean Im with you 5 hours or 15 hours but you are not charged more for a long labor. 

* Online gallery of approximately 125-200 final edited photos from your birth will be ready 3-4 weeks after the birth for you to view.