Photography is an Art.

Smile. Welcome to Michelle Lineka Photography. Where you’ll have an opportunity to explore, become encouraged as well as encourage others, access business tips and ideas, and create memories for you and your family.

Eight years ago I began my fabulous journey of capturing memories through photography, beginning with a wedding session I will never forget. Nervous and uncertain of my skill set, I sought out an experienced mentor along with some heavy research of my own. Understanding that I am a constant learner and do not have all the answers.  What makes a successful photographer is one who is always open to constructive criticism and knowledge.

My passion began as young girl during family outings and school field trips. I remember taking my father’s 35mm camera to capture the awesome scenery which surrounded me throughout Germany and Italy. I decided to take this passion a little further and joined my yearbook committee during my junior and senior year in high school. I was able to learn about editing and proper photo techniques and developing film in a darkroom. But it didn’t stop there. I continued on into college where I attended Bauder College of Art and Design located in Atlanta, GA. I studied Graphic Design and received a degree Assoicates of Art.  As I attended college I took up a part-time job as a photographer at Sears portrait Studios in a local Atlanta Mall. Upon graduating from college I continued on with my craft and transferred to Augusta, GA, where I continued to work for Sears Portrait studios and other well-known family studios such as Olan Mills.  From there I went on to hold a position as a photographer and facilitator at Picture People Studios.  Believe it or not that was just the beginning of my creative adventure.

In February of 2008, I had a light bulb moment and decided to step out in Faith and began the process of small business ownership. I decided to create memories for families and friends in a way that allowed more freedom. With L &A Photography I captured countless family photo sessions and a handful of wedding events. In an effort to enhance my craft, I sought out mentors who encouraged me to continue my education. With mentoring I made a smart business decision to change the name of my company to increase my cliental.

Each day the love I have for creating and cherishing memories is increased with each session. My dreams are brought to life behind the camera when I’m able to make a crying baby laugh, a straight faced husband grin, and a nervous and overwhelmed bride be graced with a peaceful calm demeanor. With this incredible God given gift, I hope you allow me to capture your story and help create an everlasting memory